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What is an Au pair in Luxembourg?

An Au pair is someone between 18 and 30 years old, who likes to live for a shorter or longer term and work in a host family in a country of choice. The ideal opportunity to learn to speak another language fluently and explore the local cultures in which the Au pair does not work within the meaning of the WAV (Aliens Employment Act) may perform.
Au pair is cultural exchange program but not contract for work. During the duration of the Au pair stay, the host family has to accept the Au pair as a member of their family but not like a domestic.
They are clear regulations that apply to both host family and the Au pair, set by the European Council. 

The foreign stay of the Au pair should be at least 3 months and maximum of 1 year.

Duties Au pair and Au pair plus
• May maximum  30 hours a week taking care of the children and doing light household work (5 hours per day).
• Can 2 nights per week be asking for babysitting (babysitting hours are including 30 hours / week).
• Will get own room and board and a private furnished room allocated.
• Should get the opportunity to follow a language course.
• Will receive pocket money (monthly allowance) transferred to her/his bank account (Au Pair €480 and Au Pair plus € 580).
• For a stay of one year, the au pair is entitled to 14 days paid leave (holiday).

What is an Au pair plus
Au pair plus is a person with appropriate training or former Au pair or someone with qualifications that apply to educational co-workers from collective childcare except Playgroup Leader industry training experience and they have much experience with children than ordinary Au pair.

Au pair tasks
The following household and childrelated tasks are part of the au pair program:

  • Putting children to bed, getting children out of bed.
  • Feeding children (bottle and baby food).
  • Daily childcare; changing diapers, assisting with going to the toilet, giving shower / bath, brushing teeth, brushing hair.
  • Preparing breakfast and lunch, preparing lunchboxes for children.
  • Preparing daycare bags and schoolbags for children.
  • Taking children to daycare and school, picking them up.
  • Organizing activities, offering assistance and joining activities for children such as:  reading, doing arts and crafts, swimming, going to the playground, taking over to play dates, etc.
  • Doing dishes, loading and unloading the dishwasher.
  • Preparing simple dinners (warm).
  • Keeping the kitchen clean.
  • Small  grocery shopping.
  • Doing the laundry, folding, ironing and putting laundry away.
  • Picking up and cleaning children’s rooms.
  • Picking up and cleaning own room.
  • Picking up and cleaning the house in general: vacuuming, cleaning, dusting, keeping floors clean.
  • Making beds and changing sheets.
  • Taking out garbage (same level floor).
  • Walking and feeding pets.
  • Watering plants.

The Au pair insurance and travel expenses

the insurance (accident, health and liability) of the au pair will be paid by the host family.
The family is responsible for travel to and from Luxembourg.

Social and health insurance
In Luxembourg, au pairs need to be covered by the Luxembourgish social security in case of illness and accident. Your family is, therefore, required to register you with the Communal Centre of Social Security (CCSS). As you do not receive a substantial amount of money, your host family is responsible for the fees of your membership.

It is obligatory for the au pair to follow a language course for foreigners or a Luxembourgish culture and civilisation course. You are responsible for the costs of this course. Language courses are offered by universities, evening schools, as well as by other educational institutions. You should help your au pair to choose a course for a year, a semester or a summer, according to the duration of their stay.

The payment is made every month no matter how long the possible period of inactivity of the au pair (for example through illness or holiday). The pocket money is not subject to taxation or social security, which applies to salaries.


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