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How do I become an Au pair?

• Are you interested by Babs Au Pair Agency to go abroad as an au pair?
• By filling out the application form you can state your wishes to us (free online registration).
• Send your letter Dear family and photos by mail or by post
• Application is free of charge.

-Intake (interview):

After Receiving your application form, Babs Au Pair Agency Will contact for an interview. Will this give us a complete picture of your expectations.

-Selection of the host family:

• We will send your data to our foreign partner agency (in foreign countries). This agency willing to introduce you a care fully screened and Suitable family. If there is a match, we want to start the process.
• Your application, interview, plus Placing are free of charge.
• As a resident or EU countries you do not need a visa. Remember That an application can take from 1 Until 31 days.
• Au pairs from non EU countries need a visa. Visa procedure estimated time is 2 weeks NOW (only for Holland).
• You Will Also Need a medical report, reference to babysitting experience, character reference, PoliceCheck, CV, copy of your driver's license (if you have one), copy of passport and photos.
• We will sent you an application form or the host family, Dear Au pair, the host family photos and schedule.
• Before you go abroad, you Will have contact with your host family and you know what kind of family They Are and What Will be your daily tasks.
• If you have questions, you can always contact us at 0031 (0) 555347232 or email for more information


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