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What costs Au pair per months?

Rates broken down

what cost Au pair actually per month

An Au pair is cheaper than you think. You have already a flexible, reliable Au pair at home from about € 445 per month. This amount includes all costs such as pocket money, plane or bus ticket, insurance, language courses etc. Besides costs board and program cost.

Au Pair in the Netherlands costs about € 445 per month and Au pair plus costs about € 505 per month.

In Belgium and Luxembourg cost Au pair about € 655 per month and Au pair plus costs about € 755 per month. The reason the cost per month is higher in Belgium have to do with the fact that government required higher spending money. You should also apply for the work permit for the Au pair (one-off contributions of € 250) only for the Au pair with VISA.

Look please below all charges except room and board.

In the Netherlands

-One off costs:

• Language courses minimum € 270
• Cost of flight or bus ticket from € 80
• Costs for residence documents (see below)
• Phone or SIM card € 20

-Monthly fees:

• Au Pair € 340 per month
• Insurance € 38 per month (€ 450 per 12 months in Europe and outside EU € 470).

In Belgium and Luxembourg

One off costs:

•Language courses from € 270
• Cost of flight or bus ticket from € 80
• Work permit € 250

-Monthly fees:

• Au Pair € 450 per month
• Au pair plus € 550 per Month

Nanny between €200 and €300 per week

Visa procedure in the Netherland

For each Au pair who want to come to the Netherland, the host family has to contact the authorities (in municipalities where the family lives) for a residence permit for limited time. In most municipalities, you can apply at the Department of Civil Affairs. Residence documents are valid for one year. Au pairs from non EU countries must leave in possession of a "Temporary Residence" (MVV).
BabsAupairAgency can also help you in applying for the VISA (For more information email us or contact our office record).
The application takes 2 weeks (estimated time). From June 2010 the family can’t any more on their own apply for the visa. The family must to contact one of Au pair Agency (referent to apply for the Au pair VISA).
In some cases, the Au pair does not need an MVV. Following are the situations explained:
Individuals who possess one of the following nationalities:
Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal , Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, United States of America, Iceland, Vatican, Sweden, Switzerland.

For the residence permit fee in the form of fees due. The cost is currently for host families

* Fees for non-EU countries € 430
* Fees for EU countries above countries € 30 - € 50

For more information on VISA and other questions we would like to refer           or
IND desk phone number: (0031) 09001234561


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