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First Name Katerina
Last Name C
Date of Birth  
Nationality Czech
Picture katerina
Additional Information

Candidate ID: 424
First name: Katerina
Registration date: 16-07-2016
last activity: Student
Gender: female
Town/county: Czech
Position: Au pair
Start: ASAP
Duration: 12 months
Age: 21 years old
Nationality: Czech
Profession: Student
Languages: English (suffisient)
Driver: Yes
Smoking: No
Target countries: Netherlands
Child care experience: Yes

Dear family,
My name is Kateřina. I am 19 years old and I am from Czech Republic. I am living in small town Zábřeh. I wanted to be Au pair or nanny or something like that since high school. Because I like a children, I like playing and caring about them. Be with children it is wonderful, they are happy, smiling and laughting.
I finished high school this year like a medical assistant. And now I am studying at Higher school of  Emanuel Pöetting, so I will be a general nurse. At high medical school I had a lot of experience with children, first at school like a teacher and second at infant institute. And I have a lot of experience with babysitting.
I am living in flat with my mom Eva, younger stepsister Adele 9 years old, younger brother Petr 16 years old and with my stepfather. My father living with his second wife and his son David 4 years old, so he is my stepbrother. I always looked after about my sister since she was born. When my mom needed help or babysitting, I always have  been there for her.
I have two cousins – boys. Older cousin Patrik 7 years old and his brother 1 year old. When my uant Kate needs me I looked after about them. Sometimes, my neighbour ask me for babysitting.
I have a little dog Ronnie, we love him, he is like a family member. We like a long walk with him and playing with him, he is so happy and it is fun with him.
I can´t speak english flunetly, but I would like to improve it more. So I think that my stay in England and babysitting will help me with that. English is beauthiful language. In the future I would like to work abroad like a nurse and this is a chance how my dream could come true.
I am happy, smiling, friendly girl, I like a joking and fun. My hobbies are reading, exercises, camping, minigolf and other, but I don´t have much time to do it, but I wish I had a much more time for zhem because I am so busy with my studying.
I am not afraid of work, I like help people for example I have helping one woman. When she was 16 years old she had an car accident and she can´t walk. So I was helping to her.
I hope that I will can speak with you when I would have a problem. That you could help mi with driving, because you have different rules about driving on the other side, so it will be hard for me. And I am afraid of this.
A free days in England I would like to learn english, or see a culture.
I like cooking, so I will be glad to cook for you. And I will try to do everything what you will want.

With kind regards

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