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First Name Kamila
Last Name  
Date of Birth  
Nationality Czech
Picture Kamila
Additional Information

Candidate ID: 1536
First name: Kamila
Registration date: 10-07-2015
Last activity: Student
Gender: Female
Town/county: Czech
Position: Nanny, Housekeeper
Start: ASAP
Length: 12  months
Age: 24 years old
Nationality: Czech
Profession: Student
Languages: English (good), German (sufficient)
Driver: Yes
Smoking: No
Criminal Record: No
Target countries: Holland
Childcare experience: Yes

Prefferred area: Amsterdam, Haarlem, Almere

Dear family,

My name is Kamila  and I am 23 years old. I am from the Czech Republic and live really beautiful city with many historical monuments like
Cerveny Hradek in Jirkov and Stone Lake in Chomutov. I really like to spend time there when I have got a free time or just sometimes I go there when
is a beautiful weather with my friends or family.
I have got two brothers. Lukas is 16 years old and when I was young I took care about him and I am like and big sister for him. He is my best friend and I like to spend time with him alone and share my moments as well. The other brother is called Vita and he is 27 years old.
My mum is called Iveta she is 46 years old and she is a controler in popular czech-swedish company. I relly like my mum she is like my friend and she always helps with my trouble or whatever. My dad is called Siegfried and he is 53 yers old. My parents are divorced more than 19 years but I am getting well with them as well. It is just a formality but all the time I love them.

I am living in Amsterdam right now and I am in Dutch family with 3 children 2 boys and one girl. I like to spend time with them. I am like a bigger sister for them. We are playing a football, hockey, park or whatever depends on weather. Here is more opportunities to do with children. It is always busy with them and still you need to think about something what to do with them. So it is really important to be creative.

My experience with children started when I was 15 years old and I took care about my brother and about children in neighborhood. Then I became an au pair when I was
21 years old. I have been an au pair 2 times. This is my second family, first one was from Almere but I stayed just for few months.

I am honest, funny, nice and really open mind person. I really like traveling I have been in Germany, Italy, Spain etc.
My other passion is to meet people from around the world. I really like to know more about other custom and tradition.
It is such a good experience to spend time with people from new country.
I really love to cook, I am really good in this way. After bedroom is my other room kitchen.

I love to driving a car, do not know why because I am a girl but is  something special. In our family is really important to drive a car.

Why do you want to be an au pair?
I would like to getting improve in dutch and english as well. I would like to know more about Netherlands because i like this city so much.

I hope that I told you something about person on mine.


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