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First Name Diana
Last Name  
Date of Birth  
Nationality Romanian
Picture Diana
Additional Information

Candidate ID: 1739
First name: Diana
Registration date:15-07-2016
Last activity: Student
Gender: Female
Town/county: Romanian
Position: Au pair plus
Start: ASAP
Length: 6 months or more
Age: 26 years old
Nationality: Romanian
Profession: Student
Languages: English (very good), French (good),
Spanisch (sufficient)
Driver: No
Smoking: No
Criminal record: No
Target countries: Belgium
Area preferences: Town
Child care experience: Yes

Dear host family,
I am Diana, a 26 year-old girl from Romania, excited about discovering different countries and cultures. I hope to discover your country soon! I chose this au pair experience because it is a great opportunity to meet people, to share things about our countries and travel, of course! I enjoy working with children, because they are full of imagination, spontaneous and warm!
Most of my experience with children has been as a teacher of English in middle schools in my country. I have been teaching from May 2011 until June 2014. I’ve also had an au pair experience abroad, in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, from August 2014 to the end of October 2014.
I am honest, reliable, empathetic, sociable, warm, friendly and sometimes funny. I like people who are sociable and honest.
In my everyday life, I enjoy cooking, meeting friends for a drink or having them over/visiting them, reading (usually when I travel/in the evening), taking photos, especially when I’m in a new town, travelling of course, and sometimes doing crafts (quilling). About this last hobby, quilling is a paper rolling technique, using a special needle. With the paper coils you can form flowers, leaves, butterflies, etc. Children, especially older ones, like it very much! In the summer, I like hiking in my country, it’s a very beautiful country, with lots of nature. Since my grandparents are from the countryside, I learnt from an early age to appreciate the calmness of nature and animals.
I have graduated from university two years ago, with a Master’s Degree in British Cultural Studies and in 2010 I got my BA in English Language and Literature, at the University of Babes-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. I’ve been teaching since I was a student and now I am on a year off from my work, but in the future I will most likely return to teaching.
About my au pair experience, I’ve been working with 4 very sweet young girls, triplets + a two year-old girl. My duties included helping the children in the morning rush (clear up the table, tidy up the kitchen, brush the children’s teeth, help them get dressed), be with the little girl in the morning, play with her and sometimes take her to a farm nearby, watch songs/cartoons together, give her a fruit snack and juice, etc. At noon, I prepared lunch for the girls. In the afternoon, I vacuum-cleaned the living-room and the kitchen, I gave the girls a fruit snack and cookie, played with them in the garden or took them to the farm, did some drawing/crafts, listened to some songs in English, fed the little girl, helped the children take a shower. From time to time I prepared a meal for the family (Thai, Romanian, Mexican). Also, usually once a week, I ironed shirts, helped with the cleaning (mopping, dusting) and sometimes did groceries. Also, occasionally, I did babysitting in the evening, sometimes at the weekend. I hope to continue my au pair adventure soon!
What I’m looking for right now is a nice, warm family, living in Belgium.
I hope we shall spend nice moments together!

Kind regards

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