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First Name Pavlina
Last Name  
Date of Birth  
Nationality Slovaks
Picture Pavlina
Additional Information

Candidate ID: 1435
First name: Pavlina
Registration date: 27-07-2016
Last activity: Student
Gender: Female
Town/county: Slovaks
Position: Au pair
Length: 6 - 12 Months
Age: 26 years old
Nationality: Slovaks
Profession: Student
Languages: English (very good), Geraman (Basic), DUTCH (basic)
Driver: No
Smoking: No
Criminal record: No
Target countries: Netherland
Childcare experience: Yes

Dear host family!
Im sending this letter to you, so you can decide if I am the right person for you and if we could work together.
My name is Paula and I am 25 years old. My family is from Slovakia, but I live in Netherlands for already two years.
I would describe myself as an intelligent and funny person who has no problem with dealing with people. Im tolerating
and caring but I would ask the same from others. I have a lot of friends and Im always happy to go back to Slovakia, to visit my relatives.
My parents are both working. Mom as a nurse and dad as a technical director in a helicopter company. I have one younger sister and two pets. Dog Teo and a big african snail Katsuyu. I couldn’t bring them with me, so now they
live with my parents. I also have a dutch oyfriend and we are together for almost three years.
Now I would like to tell you something about my education and work experience as au pair.
I studied on a grammar high school (gymnasium) and after that I went to university to study art and ethics. During university i realised that I don’t like the idea of being an art teacher so before my final state exams I took a gap year to become au pair. After that year I finished my bachelor degree easily, but I decided not to continue with the second degree.
I always loved art and my future study and work plans are also connected to it, but little bit differently.
So I started to be au pair in a family in Apeldoorn. I spent with these children two years and we really have an excellent relationship. Im taking care of 3 children and time to time 1 foster child, that live with her dad, but sometimes comes for weekend or vacation. Her name is Salima and together with Bas they are youngest children I take care of. They are both 11 years old. I like to spend time with both of them, I saw them growing and they changed a lot wthin these two years. Older children are Gijs and Eva. Gijs is -- and he is probably the one that changed the most. Despite his young age, he is very mature and intelligent. Eva is the oldest, she will be ---years next year and I think she isnt a kid anymore. All of them are older now and I think they don’t need me anymore, that is also a reason why I want to change a family. However, I will do my best to stay in touch with them, because I think we became a very good friends.
I hope that soon I will be able to meet you and your children too. Im still in Netherlands and I will stay here until Christmas. So meeting should be easy and if it wont be possible I atleast hope we will have an option to talk and  discuss our expectation. Its always better to discuss first and prevent possible misundersanding and disappointment.
 I would love to meet a family who is able to respect my privacy and my contract as a cultural exchange, in return I will  be loyal and flexible.
I wish you a very nice day and hope we can meet soon. 
Your Paula

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