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Lizalore     Host family

Registered on : 10 -01-2018

Nationality : German

           Resides in : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

           Starting date : 01- 12 – 2019

Au Pairs preference : Female

Family ID : 1620

Number of Children : 3

Childerns Ages : 3, 6, 9 Years old

Profession father :  Manager

Profession mother : Manager

Single Parent : No

Smoking allowed : No

Disabled Children: : No

Work duration : 12 months

Working hours per week : 30 hours

Au Pair age preference : 22 – 26 Years old

Languages required : English , German , French

Driving license : Yes

Dear Au Pair

We hope that you are interested in reading the story of our family! Mike and I have three children, Liza, George and Thoma.

Liza is the eldest, almost 11 years old. She is a happy, sweet and sportive girl, doing also well at school. Her favourite hobbies are dancing and singing. She has a lot of friends, but she also likes to be on her own, reading, reading and reading!

George is our eldest son, almost 10 years old. He is really a boy, has a lot of energy, runs al the time and makes a lot of noise! He is very sweet and likes to help in the kitchen. He is doing well at school but needs some help with reading and writing. His favourite hobbies are football and tennis. He likes to take all his friends home after school (4 to 6!!!!).


Personal Note

Thoma is our youngest son, he is almost 7 years. He looks totally different from us with a lot of curls! He is a bright child and always happy, a very nice combination! He likes to play the piano and prefers not to move! He doesn’t like to play football or hockey.
Mike and I are both working parents. Mike works nearby, I have to drive 45 minutes. You will have your own (big) room and bathroom. In your room is a bed (of course), a table with chair, two cupboards, television and radio. You will have time for a language course, to visit friends and to do cultural things. We live in a large house with a large garden in a quiet area with a lot of trees. It is easy to go to the city and by train you can go anywhere. You have your own bike.
What we ask from an Au Pair is to help us in taking care of the children, and to help in housekeeping, washing, ironing and cooking. Once a week there is a lady for cleaning and a gardener once a month. In the afternoon a babysitter will bring the children to the sports clubs etc. 

We like to have a lot of people around, especially children. We try to take care of a Foster Care child as well. The things that Mike and I both value in a person is honesty, open communication and trust in a relationship. If this all appeals to you, then you are the right person to fit in our family!
Because the children are going to school all day, there is also enough free time  for you. We hope you have hobbies to keep you happy in your free time!

Kind regards,

What Host Families say about us

by family Homayer, Amsterdam

"Very positive. After I have sent my family registration form, in one day I was called for interview at home (which I find very enjoyable). I have also sent all required documents and chosen for faster procedure..... "

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