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Zuzana     Au Pair

Registered : 15-09-2020

Age : 24 Years

Gender : Female

Nationality : Czech

Candidate ID : 1255

Last activity : Student

Starting Date :   15-01- 2021

Work Duration : 12 months

Profession : Student

Driving License : Yes

Smoking : No

Criminal record : No

Target Countries : Netherland

Childcare Experience : Yes

languages: English (Good)

Resides In : Czech Republic

Dear host family,

My name is Zuzana and I live with my parents and older sister in a family house. I am 24 years old. At home, we have a dog and three cats. I am kind and friendly. I have like children and I like to play with them. I am patient and I like to learn new things. Like I wrote in this profile higher I have like a game with a ball, but table games too. I like drawing and made kind things from color papers and I interest to do a lot of things like this (e.g. a bookmark, a stand on the pencils,…). 
This year in June I finished my school. You asked about swimming, so I can swim, but not some specially. And of course I ride on the bike and it is the same case. 

Personal Note

I live in the village and to the town I drive, when the bus doesn´t go. I want to be au-pair because I want to learn better English. In my country, I find out that don´t learn English on the level which I want. I want to learn speak fluently and I don´t want to think so long what I want to say. I think that this is a good idea of how I can improve my English. In my profile is been written that I am a non-smoker and I can drive. With household I have experience. I have to iron, vacuum, wash up because we don´t have a dishwasher. I clean the window and other normal work in the house. Now, I sometimes look after one boy. He is three years old and his name is Jakuba. We always go after kindergarten to my house and then we play together. When I look after him a long time I give him to eat too. The starts were funny with this boy because he is a very lively child. I have to look after him very well and don´t stop watching him, now I can let him a few minutes alone. In English is hard to write everything, but in Czech, it is easier. So I hope that this is enough. But if not I can write more but is on a long time. I hope this letter has given you some idea about me and I hope to be able to meet you in the future.
Your sincere: Zuzana

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door family Homayer, Amsterdam

"Erg positief. Nadatik het familie aanvraag formulier had gestuurd, werd ik binnen 1 dag gebeld voor een interview bij mijn thuis (Een aangename verrassing). Ik heb meteen daarna de benodigde documenten gestuurd en voor een sneller afhandeling..... "

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