Au Pair to Foreign Country

Au Pair to Foreign Country

Au pair to foreign country

Conditions in England:
• Your age is between 17  and  27 years old
• You are flexible and motivated
• You have an experience with children
• You speak reasonable English
• You have at least level or a Diploma of secondary school ( VMBO or MAVO)
• You can give babysitting reference addresses

Au Pair in England

An Au pair in England is between 17 and 27 years old, an inexperience foreign student going to a country for the sole purpose of learning the language. 
One of the major reasons is that the Au pair go to England is to learn English and the usually take English classes, often with the aim of taking the Cambridge First Certificate or Proficiency exams. Au pair are not qualified or experienced and should not be left in sole charge of babies or young children.
For the Au pair and host family are mandatory rules which the Council of Europe are drawn.

Duties Au pairs

•May maximum 5  work hours a day taking care of the children and doing light household.
• Must have at least 2 days free per week plus 2 night babysitting.
• Entitled accommodation and meals with the host family (a private furnished room allocated).
• Should get the opportunity for a language course.
• The pocket money of the Au pair is between 60-100 pounds per week. Minimum pocket money is 50 pounds per week. 
• For a stay of six months has the Au pair right for a week paid leave (holidays).

What is an Au pair plus

Au pair plus is a person with appropriate training and has experience with children more than Au pair. Or former Au pair (has been Au pair before). The work hours of the Au Pair Plus are between 7-8 hours per day, 2 nights babysitting a week. The pocket money of the Au pair plus is between 70-120 pounds.

The Au pair insurance and travel expenses (return) to England
the insurance (accident, health and liability) and travel costs are responsibility of the Au pair.

Au pair in Belgium

Condition Au Pair in Belgium:

Be age between 18-26 years old

Be from EU or any

Have a genuine love of children and previous childcare reference (babysitting)

Have a reasonable level of English, Dutch, German or French

Have driving license

Be prepare to commit 3-12 months away from home


Au pair in Belgium

The foreign stay of the Au pair must be at least 3 months and up to 1 year. The pocket money of Au pair €450 per month which must be deposited in to a bank account especially for the Au pair. The work hours are 20 hours per week, 2 nights babysitting per week. You will entrust with the children and doing light household duties. The Au pair has basic knowledge languages, been English, French, Dutch or German. The language of which they have basic knowledge must also be the language they go to Belgium to improve and the language of the host family.

Duties Au pair and Au pair plus

• May at most 20 hours a week taking care of the child (ren) and doing light household chores           (4 hours per day).
• Can two times per week be asking for babysitting
• Must get board and a private furnished allocated room.
• Should get the opportunity for a language course.
• The pocket money monthly (allowance) on his or her bank account (Au Pair €450 and Au Pair plus    € 550) 
• For a stay of one year, the Au pair is entitled to 14 days paid leave (holiday).

What is an Au pair plus
Au pair plus is a person with appropriate training, former Au pair or has qualifications that apply to educational co-workers from collective childcare except playgroup leader industry training experience, or much experience with children than ordinary au pair. 

The Au pair health insurance, travel and classes expenses

The insurance (accident, health and liability) of the Au pair will be paid by the host family. 
The family is responsible for the travel to and from Belgium.

Couple Au pair

A Couple Au pair is someone between 18 and 26 years old. They are just friends and girlfriend (a couple) with a diverse range of traditional child care experience.
For Couple Au pair is an excellent way of working with a friend (boy / girl).
A large family with a lot of work at home or a family needed more than extra hands, then every time rent a gardener or handyman can consider a Couple Au pair. It is in fact the ideal solution for busy families. Our Couple Au pairs are very settled in our network as we have available for our customers. Some of our Couple Au pairs like to help in family with a restaurant, cafe, and garden maintenance help. Couple Au pair pocket money is € 450 per couple per month.


What Host Families say about us

by family Homayer, Amsterdam

"Very positive. After I have sent my family registration form, in one day I was called for interview at home (which I find very enjoyable). I have also sent all required documents and chosen for faster procedure..... "

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