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Below is a list of common questions for Babs Au pair Agency Au Pair program. If is not there a question which you wish to ask please call us, Skype, telephone or email for more information. We can tell you all about the various possibilities.

What is the best time to take an Au pair in my home? 
You can take through the whole year an Au pair in your house. Many families choose to go together with the start of the new school year. From Babs Au pair Agency Au Pair Experience has shown that this is not entirely practical. Let an au pair for over a month before the start of the new school year in the rule often means that the child (ren) have sufficient time to get used to them “older sister” 
If do not have school age children, please choose another period which the availability of Au pair profiles might be larger.

Can the au pair go with the family on holiday (abroad)?
Yes, this is no problem as far as the journey made within the period of the Au pair the stay in the Netherlands or Belgium. All our Au Pair or Nanny’s are from EU countries. They can all go to any EU countries without asking visas. For questions about countries outside EU countries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How long does take the search and the administration procedure of an average au pair? 
Within the mentioned days (8 days or 31 days) intake is taken, add thereby to create a profile of both future host families as an au pair, then looking for suitable candidates that match to your request.

The candidates are through us and through our contacts recognized partner organizations in the country of origin of the au pair carefully selected and screened. 

Who pays the travel expenses from the country of origin of the Au pair to the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Belgium?
The host family is responsible for the travel cost and to Netherlands or Belgium. But most cases, the Au pair buy herself the flight or bus ticket. The host family will reimburse the travel costs to the Au pair. It is recommended that this early in the procedure to conclude an agreement with the Au pair.

Because the flight or bus are varied, that difference per bus airline.
The flight or bus ticket is from € 80.

How much is the allowance of an Au pair? 
According to the Au pair Convention of the Council of Europe gets an Au pair a pocket money and no salary. The Ministry of Finance in the Netherlands fixed amount of €340 per month as pocket money to the Au pair. This allowance is for both parties exempt from tax.
The basic compensation or allowance for an Au pair from outside the EU in the Netherlands is €300 per month. For an Au pair from an EU country is this €340 per month. For Belgium is an allowance of €450 or €550 per month (Au pair plus). 

What are the other costs?
Au Pair Insurance Policy €550 per year.
Language course in the Netherlands max. €320 (one off cots) 
Phone or SIM card in the Netherlands or Belgium is 20 (one off cots) 
Language course in Belgium is from €320.

What are actually the Au pair fees per month? 
An Au pair is cheaper than you think. You have already a flexible, reliable Au pair at home from about €445 per month. This amount includes all costs such as pocket money, flight or bus ticket, insurance, language courses etc. Besides cost lodging and program costs.

Au pair in the Netherlands costs approximately €445 per month and Au pair plus costs about € 505 per month.
In Belgium costs Au pair converted €655 per month and Au pair plus costs about €755 per month. The reason the cost per month is higher in Belgium have to do with the fact that government required higher allowance for the Au pair. You should also seek for the work permit for the Au pair (one off contributions of € 250).
This includes all costs except for room and board.

What are Au pair the mediation costs in the Netherlands?
 Mediation for normal placement period (12 months) €780 
 Interview fee (interview) €80
 Administrative costs €45

What are the Au pair mediation costs in Belgium and Luxembourg?
 Mediation for normal placement period (12 months) €850
 Mediation for Au pair plus (12-month) €900
 Interview fee (interview) €80 
 Administrative costs €45

What are the payment condition?
The term of payment is within 8 days after the invoice date. And are payable in two installments:

• 1st term acceptance and contact with the candidate (post-pay): 75% of the mediation costs
• 2nd installment 8 days after arrival of the candidate to the host family: 25% of the mediation costs 

What is the warranty if the Au pair early live the host family?
Babs Au pair Agency gives you the unique guarantee that if your first Au pair experience fails, you will get an extra chance without additional cost to welcome another Au pair in your home.

May we also ask the Au pair to babysit in the evenings? 
Yes, an Au pair must not exceed 2 or 3 nights a week be asked for babysitting. 
 However, these nights per week should also fall within the law applicable standards in the context of cultural exchange programs of 30 hours, the Au pair must not operate on her days off. 
If you still have any questions? Please feel free to contact us for further detail.


What Host Families say about us

by family Homayer, Amsterdam

"Very positive. After I have sent my family registration form, in one day I was called for interview at home (which I find very enjoyable). I have also sent all required documents and chosen for faster procedure..... "

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